• Tuesday, May 14, 2019
  • Wednesday, May 15, 2019
  • Washington DC

Family Equality Council, COLAGE, and FosterClub are joining forces to hold a national Lobby Day to tell Congress to end discrimination against LGBTQ families and youth!

Family Equality Council has invited RAINBOW FAMILIES members and allies (parents and kids) to join them, meet members of Congress in person and urge them to pass the Every Child Deserves a Family Act and the Equality Act.

Both bills end discrimination against LGBTQ people and families, and overturn existing state anti-LGBTQ foster care and adoption license to discriminate laws in nine states.


Families and Volunteers will be coming from all over the country.  If you have an interest in hosting (providing your sofa, a guest room, etc)  please email us and thank you!

Opponents of LGBTQ rights are working to undermine full marriage equality by chipping away at equal rights and services for LGBTQ parents and youth.   Nine states have now passed license-to-discriminate bills into law, allowing adoption and foster care agencies to turn away qualified parents primarily because they are LGBTQ or because they are single, of a different faith, or nonreligious.

Foster care and adoption license-to-discriminate bills are based on a presumption that LGBTQ people – as well as single people, people of minority religions, interfaith couples, and others targeted by these bills – are unfit to be parents for children in state care, even if they meet all other qualifications and requirements to become foster and adoptive parents. We simply cannot allow laws to stand that presume that LGBTQ parents and families are somehow “less than” other parents and families, or we will begin down a path to further discriminatory laws, policies, and practices.

Some of these laws also allow discrimination against and denials of service for LGBTQ foster youth, and all of these bills harm foster children by denying them loving forever families. LGBTQ foster children are particularly affected by reducing the pool of potential affirming foster and adoptive homes, as they already suffer higher rates of poor treatment in care, greater rates of multiple placements, longer stays in group homes, and other negative outcomes.

LGBTQ people and families also face multiple forms of discrimination in services, public accommodations, employment, health, housing, and more, and are not protected by nondiscrimination laws in many states. Such discrimination hurts not only LGBTQ people, but also our children and family members.

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