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  • Monday, October 24, 2016 6:09 PM
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    Hi, my name is Maura Ferguson, I am recruiting participants for my dissertation research. Thank you for taking the time to read this e-mail.

    I would like to invite you pass on the attached flyer to any friends and/or colleagues who may be potential candidates to participate in a study about gay or queer fathers and their experiences of community.  Although there has been research about gay fathers and their children, most of that research has focused on couples adjustment to fatherhood and evolving identities.   There has been little research addressing how gay fathers interact with their communities and negotiate evolving sources of social support as individuals.  It is the intention of this study to address this facet of the day to day experience of gay or queer fathers.

    To give you a sense of where I come from: I am doctoral student in clinical psychology program at the California Institute of |Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco. I am currently training in depth psychotherapy at the San Francisco Jung Institute. I began pursuing studies in psychology after volunteering and working at AIDS Health Project (now Alliance Health Project) over the space of three years. I am a parent and am inspired by other people choosing to parent. I believe that what people have to offer children and by extension society defies gender or sexual identity. At the same time, being a parent is laden with challenges; my investigation intends to create a better understanding of gay and queer men experience of social support in the context of facing unique challenges. Where might you find support? How do relationships and community evolve? Where and with who do you feel most connected? Where and with whom do you ever feel excluded? What do you need more of as a parent and an individual to thrive?

    In order to participate, you must be over 21 years of age and be a father of at least one child under the age of 18 years of age that lives with you on either full or part time basis. I am seeking study participants who had identified or “came-out” as gay or queer prior to becoming fathers.

    I hope that you or someone you know would be interested in participating.

    send an e-mail to gaydadscommunity@gmail.com

    or call/text me at 415.503.7710

  • Monday, October 24, 2016 6:06 PM
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    University of Maryland Infant and Child Studies

    At the University of Maryland (UMD), we are conducting several studies about child development—both in the Child Development research suite and in fellow research suites on campus (see our consortium website). We are currently looking for families interested in participating in studies about child development!

    What type of research do we do?:

    We do research on all different aspects of child development including social development (e.g., how kids learn from others), language development (e.g., bilingualism in kids), learning and memory (e.g., what factors support memory), and brain development (e.g., how children’s brains process information). You choose the type of research project you want your child to participate in.


    Our research is for infants and kids of all ages. If you have a child between 1-month-old and 17 years old—we have a study for you!

    When there is a study that your child is eligible for, a research assistant will contact you and explain the study. If you’re interested, you schedule an appointment.

    What to expect when visiting our center:

    Visits most often involve playing a fun game or watching a movie. All the games and movies are developmentally appropriate. Visits are typically less than an hour but vary in length based on the age of the child. Free parking on campus is always provided. Evening and weekend appointments are often available upon request. Visits often include travel compensation and/or a prize for your child to take home.

    Join our listserv to learn more!:

    If you are interested in hearing more about our research and possibly participating, please join our listserv to get more information or email my research coordinator to be added to our listserv (infantstudy@umd.edu.) Please note, you can request to be removed from our listserv at any time.

  • Monday, October 24, 2016 6:04 PM
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    How do children understand the social world around them? What do they think of different interactions? Can they determine who is in charge if they are not told? The Lab for Early Social Cognition is exploring these questions and many more.

    We are conducting a study to observe children’s early helping behaviors and understanding of social status. We are seeking families with children aged 4 months to 7 years to participate. Our studies are designed to feel like a fun play session from the child’s perspective. Each study lasts about one hour, and children will receive a small thank-you gift.

    Our studies take place on the University of Maryland College Park campus. We provide written directions and free parking for any family interested in participating in our studies.  

    If you have any questions or would like your child to participate in our study, please send us an email at socialkidslab@umd.edu or call us at (301) 405-6789.  We hope to meet you soon!

    Jonathan Beier, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor

    Department of Psychology

    University of Maryland

    College Park, MD 20742

    Click here to see the flyer.

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  • Monday, October 24, 2016 6:00 PM
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    Rainbow Families receives numerous requests to share information on studies and research being conducted on various topics. In order to prevent us from overwhelming our members Inboxes, we will post information on these studies and research projects here.

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