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Rainbow Families Resource Directory


Rainbow Families proudly provides a comprehensive and growing referral list in an effort to better connect our community with access to LGBTQ+ competent community resources.  Further, Rainbow Families has a desire to support queer (and queer affirming) service providers, businesses and resource providers.

Often, our community seeks care from other LGBTQ+ individuals who may better understand their lived experiences; our directory also provides the opportunity for providers to identify themselves as part of the LGBTQ+ community, if they wish.

While there is no perfect measure of community competency, Rainbow Families has conducted a screening questionnaire in the hopes of continuing the trend of increased competence in serving the LGBTQ+ population

Finally, this is not an advertising platform - Rainbow Families never sells space in this directory - see below for more.


Do you have a trusted LGBTQ+ affirming business or service provider who you feel should be included in the directory?  Have them click this LINK for more info.  We update the directory quarterly.

Important Notes    The following community resources are compiled through the feedback of lived experiences of hundreds of individuals with varied and diverse backgrounds. Rainbow Families recognizes that every person has their own unique needs and experiences with providers and businesses - this does not represent the entire list of possible resources. The inclusion of organizations and individuals in this list does not in any way equate an endorsement from Rainbow Families. You should always conduct your own research to identify businesses and service providers that best suit your needs. We also recognize the complexities in seeking out ways to appropriately screen organizations and individuals in regards to their inclusive practices.   Rainbow Families does not sell this as advertising space. We view this as a nceded community resource; we do however ask providers to contribute $10/year to help us administer and update this program.



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